Life After Mirena – What does it mean to you? 

This blog details what it means to me. It will be full of questions – Why did I have my Mirena IUD removed? Why did I almost not have it removed? What happened to my body? What didn’t happen?  I’m not sure what the answers will be, but as I find out I will share them.

Sorry in advance if you find anything to be TMI!
Also sorry  (actually no I’m not) for the puns you may come across 🙂

Navigating this Blog:

The best way to follow this blog is probably to start on the page To Remove or Not to Remove. When you  get to the bottom of the page the next post in the series will be displayed.
There is also a calendar posted highlighting days I have created a new post and should be easy to follow in chronological order if that works better for you.
OR if there is a specific post or topic you are interested in check the menu at the side. Happy Reading 🙂

Please note:
This is a documentation of my personal experience regarding my Mirena IUD and how it would or could affect me if I had it removed.
Everyone’s experience will be different, but I’m sharing mine in case you just happen to need the affirmation that someone else might be in a similar boat.
As you read this, keep in mind that my doctor has her own opinions and I completely respect and value her knowledge and experience. I am also entitled to my own opinions regarding my health, life and marriage and since she respects that I hope you will as well. We all have different goals, dreams and realities and that’s ok!
I am not a medical professional or an expert in IUDs, I’m just a woman trying to figure out what she wants and needs to feel an overall sense of wellness and happiness.