Post Topics

Published Posts:
1. To Remove or Not to Remove: What went through my head
2. Decision Day – At the doctor’s office
3. Day 1 – Mirena Free – Day 1 Check In
4. The First 48: What happened in the 48 hours following removal
5. Mary: My Ovarian Cyst
6. The Weight of My World – My history of self esteem
7. Yo-Yo Is Me: The battle with the scale
8. 1 Week Down, Thousands To Go 🙂: Check in after 1 week post removal
9. The Not So Diva Cup
10. The Cup Got Stuck  – draft in progress
11. From Riches to Rags – draft in progress

Future Entries:
– Mirena Crash Test Dummy: Mirena Crash explained and my experience
– She Shoots! She Scores! Getting back in the game: Return of the Sex Drive
–  From Riches to Rags – Adjusting to Having a Menstrual Cycle Again