1 Week Down, Thousands To Go :-)

First Week Recap – Post Mirena Removal

Well not a lot to share regarding my first week off the hormone train (I think that’s good though!). For anyone looking to compare results / side effects etc I’ll list the things I’ve noticed, although I’m not sure if even related.

Mood: Great! I feel awesome. My head is in the right place and I’ve been smiling a lot
Weight: TBD – Sunday weigh in (I feel like perhaps unchanged)
Bloating: I did notice some bloating this week actually. My weekly measurements also confirmed so on Sunday.
Withdrawal Bleed: Didn’t happen!! I’ve been waiting, all prepared, wearing black pants everyday……
Energy Level: Great during the day, finding myself a little more tired after work (it has been hot though and I’ve started about 45 minutes early for work a few days). Had a nap yesterday after work and it felt good.
Skin: Appear to have a pimple coming (I missed a few bedtime face washes too though..)
Appetite: Noticeable decrease actually. I’ve been conscious to make sure I maintain my 1500-1600 calorie days since dipping below tends to hurt me in the long run!



Author: mirenafreelife

Just a Canadian woman trying to live the best life I can!

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