About This Blog

This Blog began as my own personal journal about my own personal situation. I find it therapeutic to write things down, so I did. After my first journal about my Mirena situation I thought to myself – “Hey, why don’t I make this a blog?” If I spent hours and hours reading other people’s blogs and comments then maybe someone would find it helpful to read mine?

I’ve never made/written/had/contributed to a blog before. I had to read up on how to even start one.  So please be patient as I am learning as I go!

Navigating this Blog:

The best way to follow this blog is probably to start on the page To Remove or Not to Remove. When you  get to the bottom of the page the next post in the series will be displayed.
There is also a calendar posted highlighting days I have created a new post and should be easy to follow in chronological order if that works better for you.
OR if there is a specific post or topic you are interested in check the menu at the side. Happy Reading 🙂