Yo-Yo Is Me

A Timeline of My Weight Ups and Downs

I wrote this post in conjunction with The Weight of My World so I would highly suggest reading that before jumping into this and thinking I’m an unhealthy weight obsessed gal with unrealistic goals 🙂

This post is basically just the details of how my weight and body has changed over the last 4 years. I apologize if you find it confusing or hard to follow, but although I’m developing a better sense of body awareness, I have not yet reached the point where I post my weight online for the whole world to see.

In December 2012 we got engaged. We had just moved into a townhouse together and were going to be celebrating our first Christmas living together. In January 2013 we were both unhappy with our weight and had started thinking about wedding plans. When I stepped on the scale it showed the highest number I had ever seen (up to that point). We decided to try a program called Isagenix, which included shakes and cleanses. It did as claimed and by the end of March I had lost 25 lbs. After a few rounds and having great results we stopped with the cleansing, slowed down on the shakes and tried to get back to a normal eating routine. That summer I had my Mirena IUD insertion. We were engaged, not ready for children and needed something reliable.
By January 2014 I was back up my highest weight plus an additional 5 lbs. Our wedding was coming up in 6 months so I needed to do something. I hired a personal trainer, started going to the gym and attending bootcamp classes. By May 2014 I still wasn’t were I wanted to be and so I did the extreme and signed up for the Dr. Bernstein diet. This this program is extremely extremely calorie restricted,  so exercise is not recommended. I was too focused though and wouldn’t give it up, so I had to include extra protein on top of the basic program. I think I was probably experiencing a form of anorexia at this time. By my wedding I was down about 18 lbs from January and bought some super cute bathing suits for our honeymoon. After that I stopped Dr. Bernstein and my personal training was over. Slowly but surely things started creeping back up. By the end of the summer I had got right back up to my previous high weight plus another 5 lbs. What a waste.

I stayed there for the rest of the year and then in January 2015 I joined a fitness studio across from my house. This studio was more expensive than a gym membership, but the convenience factor could not be ignored. Even in the dead of winter I was making my way over.  I started with Zumba classes once or twice a week and then moved on to try out all of the different types of classes they had to offer. By April I had dropped 5 lbs and was back to my original high weight. We went to Mexico for a wedding and my honeymoon swimsuits were a bit too tight, but I wore them anyways. We were dancing to All About That Bass at the wedding and someone commented that I was a “skinny girl” – it made my day, year and decade to be called that. By this time it was becoming apparent that this is probably the weight my body wanted to be at since I kept returning there. For the rest of the year I hovered within a 5-10 lbs loss or gain here and there, but never dipping below my start weight. By the end of 2015 I was back up to my high weight plus 5 lbs, but I felt great. I was up to 4 classes per week at the studio and my confidence was soaring. Looking back on the photos I really wish I had measurements for this time. Yes my weight was up on the scale, but I looked good and healthy.
I tend to measure time in regards to vacation so next check is in March 2016 when we went to another Mexico wedding. This time there was no way I would fit in my honeymoon swimsuits. I went and bought new ones, along with cover-ups and lose fitting tank tops. I got some compliments on my bikinis (I had gone for some bright and outrageous prints) but I felt super self-conscious at the same time. I had been working out extra hard to prepare for the trip, but my self-esteem maybe decided to stay home. Overall the year 2016 was another big one for us. In the late spring we started house shopping. Our lives were consumed with real estate listing, viewings, mortgage appointments and money talks. In July we found the house we wanted and bought it. All exercise and healthy eating came to a screeching halt. Workout classes were expensive, so I didn’t re-register. We were stressed out and focused on moving and finalizing things and so we ate for convenience. We moved into the house in September but we remained on the convenience train. By November I had gained another 13 lbs and so when Boxing Day sales came around I dipped into my spending account and  I bought an elliptical for our home gym. I named the elliptical Norm and told myself he wouldn’t get lonely, but like many home gym additions that didn’t last.

In February 2017 I started a new job and went from being on my feet all day to a desk job. By March 2017 I hit my new all-time high score on the scale. I was officially 20 lbs heavier than when I thought I was heavy back in 2013. I was in denial as to the meaning of the numbers on the scale until I saw a photo of myself. I was huge. My face was round and puffy, my girth was stretching my shirt in a very unflattering way and I  hardly recognized myself. I had a little pity party for myself and then confirmed that it was time for a change. I have done the “quick fix” programs and yes they gave me results, but it wasn’t sustainable and each time I rebounded back (and then some). Those programs aren’t something I can sustain long-term mentally, physically or financially. I think I have probably done some damage to my metabolism with trying all sorts of crash/fad diets and I needed to set things right. I decided to join the gym at work and start tracking my food intake again on MFP. A friend suggested I try a FitBook Journal. I had never used a real paper journal for tracking before and decided to try the FitBook Lite – a 6 week journal full of motivation, schedules and goals. The same friend also challenged me to a 12 week measurement goal that was based on inches and not weight. It was exactly what I needed. I was on my way to a healthier me.

I also decided to switch my diet. And not like a diet diet – I stopped eating so much damn refined sugar, caring so much about fat content and making sure I’m getting enough nutrition for my body to thrive and survive. I am already gluten free due to migraines (another story for another time) so I have to watch what I’m eating. Gluten free items often have more sugar than their gluten containing counterparts, so I mostly stick to making my own food and not buying pre-packaged products. I am also trying to mare sure to eat the right stuff at regular intervals (no meal skipping) so my metabolism can repair itself. I often carry appropriate snacks in my purse in case I need something while out and about. This isn’t a diet for me, it’s a lifestyle change. I don’t need all of the added sugar and now that it’s gone I find my cravings have subsided as well. In April I started going to group classes again 3 times a week and a few weeks ago that increased to 4 per week. I can go on my lunch break and it gives me a break from my desk and also means That I have my evenings free for other things. In the days I don’t have a class I either go for a walk or go and spend some time with Norm in the basement. After I finished my 6 weeks with FitBook I slowed down a bit on logging all of my food. I have become much more aware of what I am putting in my body and gotten back to proper portion control. Since the sugar free switch I have lost 17 lbs and 19 inches. I am now 3 lbs away from my original high weight in 2013.

I had my Mirena removed on Wednesday and today is Sunday. Sunday is my weight and measurement day. I’m not sure what the scale said when I went to the doctor on Wednesday (I’m trying to limit myself to weekly weighing), but my scale loss this week was 2.6 lbs and 1 inch – half of which was my bust. I have been averaging 1.5 – 2 lbs in loss per week since the sugar cut, so this week I’m down a bit more. I don’t know if the Mirena removal has contributed or not, but that’s where I’m at.

This week has really made me stop and look back on the last 5 years of my life. I’ve never really been much to write, but honestly I’m finding it so therapeutic for my soul. As I write this post I’m sitting in my back yard with a cup of coffee and my cats and caught myself looking around and thinking how incredibly lucky I am. This is huge for me. I was so concerned that I could plunge into depression after removing my Mirena, but right now I just feel good. Maybe it will change, but I really hope not.

For the mathematically inclined here is a timeline breakdown.
X = Previous Highest Weight
Y = New Highest Weight (Y = X + 20 lbs)

December 2012:       Got Engaged
January 2013:           X
March 2013:              X – 25 lbs
July 2013:                   Mirena IUD Insertion
January 2014:           X – 5 lbs
June 2014:                  X – 13 lbs (Wedding)
August 2014:              X + 5 lbs
April 2015:                 X
December 2015:        X + 5 lbs
July 2016:                    X
November 2016:        X+ 18 lbs
March 2017:               Y (Y = X+ 20 lbs)
May 24, 2017:             IUD removal (Y – 14 lbs)
May 28, 2016:             Y – 17 lbs (also = X + 3 lbs)

The image below is one I came across on Pinterest. I think many of us can relate




The Weight of My World

So I’m not sure if it has been proven anywhere that the Mirena IUD causes weight gain. I know that in the past everyone associated birth control and weight gain, even after countless studies saying that it’s simply not true. I know personally that I’ve told people it’s not the pill, it’s just your body. After reading countless testimonies though I don’t know what is really true for the average woman. Maybe in the studies (I assume there were studies including this potential side effect) those women just happened to be a non-representation of the general female population? Who knows.

What I know is that I have gained weight. And I have lost weight. I don’t know if Mirena is to blame, or maybe just me getting older and doing things to f*** with my metabolism. I definitely know that the discovery of my love for wine did not help this situation (although I’d say it helped in a couple others throughout the years lol).

I have never really been a “skinny” girl. I’m what I see as average. Right now I’m wearing about a size 10-12 in clothes. I’ve got a hefty set of boobs and underneath any protective layers of fat, a fair amount of muscle. I’m a mish mash of Italian & German ancestry and I can’t wear most tall boots due to the size of my calves. I have always been self-conscious about my body. I started reading YM and 17 Magazine when I as probably around 14-15 years old. I remember one time I saw an ad looking for a new “Fresh Face” model and I asked my dad if I could get a photo done to submit. His response was “No you are too husky and your boobs are too big to be a model.” I have never forgot that statement to this very day. It crushed me. I can’t really blame by dad though, he was a single parent with not much income, living in a small town and he had a very old school view on life. I think he thought he was protecting me, but perhaps could have done so in a different manner…. Then when I was older and already moved away from my small town, I remember when my mom was working at GNC and when she sent me chocolate for holidays like Easter or Christmas she included a bottle of diet pills. She also told my aunt and cousin that my clothes were too tight and I should lose weight – or course that gossip got back to me….  I think she was trying to help her daughter out and strive for balance, but again maybe not the best route to take. Anyways that’s in the past, but today I still struggle to obtain and maintain the body that I want to have.  I’m not unrealistic though. I know I will never again wear a size 4/6, I will not weigh 130 lbs and the 34 B bras I once loved are useless. But you know what? That’s ok. It’s even better than ok. It doesn’t matter what the size tag is on your jeans. If you love those jeans and you feel great in those jeans then that’s what matters. If you need to, cut the tag out!

What I want is to feel good in the clothes hanging in my closet that I bought because I loved and now I hate because they don’t fit. I want to put on an outfit because I love the outfit and not because it hides my gut. I want to feel awesome in my own skin. I want to be healthy inside and out.

For more documentation on my personal ups and downs check out my next post: Yo-Yo Is Me.

Mary : My Ovarian Cyst

At the beginning of last year (about 3 years into my Mirena)  I started getting some pains in my lower left quadrant. I’ve never really had cramps, so it was a new sensation for me. At first I thought it was gas, since I am very prone to that lol, and just ignored it and toughed it out. Then I started to bleed a bit.  Nothing too much, but more than what I consider spotting.  This went on for about 3 weeks and then the pinching and pulling pain started to increase. Finally I called the doctor. I was worried that my IUD had migrated and was wreaking havoc on my insides.

The doctor sent me for an ultrasound – “an” in this case refers to 2 different types: abdominal (external) and pelvic (internal). I had to go to the appointment with an empty stomach and a full bladder. Since it was fairly early in the morning the empty stomach wasn’t a big deal. The full bladder was. I followed my instructions about how much to drink and when and also the last time to pee before the ultrasound. When I arrived they confirmed that I had a full bladder. Oh boy was it ever.  I felt ready to burst. It was super uncomfortable to move. Of course they were a bit late and finally it was my turn.  I got all situated on the exam table for the external portion. Right away the tech tells me “Your bladder is too full”. Well no shit. I can barely move here, but followed the instructions on the sheet.  She gave me a cup (which I thought was quite small) and told me to go to the bathroom, fill the cup and then stop peeing and come back. Say what?… Stop?? I gave it a shot. The pressure release was so great, but man oh man was it hard to stop.  I went back to the room and she said that it was still a bit too full but she could work with it.  I made a mental note to change my prep if I had to do this again. After the external portion was done she sent me back to the bathroom to void my bladder completely. Omg heaven.  I was a bit worried I might end up with a UTI after this whole thing, but that’s another ballgame. The internal exam is again kinda like a PAP – knees up and open. The difference here was that I had a sheet covering me, no clamp, and the tech put the jelly directly on the camera and then handed it to me for insertion. This was nice since there were no surprises with me being the driver.  Once it was in we did an under-the-sheet handover and she took her images by moving it up, down and around.  Once we were done she told me I could get dressed but to wait in the room cuz she had to go talk to the dr about the images before I could go. My heart rate went through the roof.  I’ve had other ultrasounds before and I know that no matter how you ask, the tech cannot and will not tell you what they see. They usually tell you the images will be sent to your physician and then you can discuss the results with them. All sorts of things went running through my head in the 5 minutes she was gone.  When she returned though she said that he said it was all good and I could leave.

When I went to my doctor for follow up she said that the ultrasounds showed that my Mirena was still perfectly in place but I had a large hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary and a smaller one on the right.  The way that different fluids show in ultrasound images was how they knew it was hemorrhagic – ie. full of blood.  She told me that the pain I was feeling was likely due to the extra weight tugging on the ovary as the cyst grew and the continuous bleeding would be from burst blood vessels.  I was relieved that my IUD was fine, but now I had a whole new thing to start googling.  The treatment plan was pretty much nothing. We would do a follow up ultrasound (oh joy) in 6-8 weeks, but unless the pain became unbearable we would leave it. Generally hemorrhagic ovarian cysts keep growing and growing until they essentially strangle themselves. Then once they “die” the body reabsorbs all of the material. Many many women have these types of cysts and never know because they usually stay small and resolve themselves in 1-2 menstrual cycles.  If my pain turned up to the unbearable level it was an indication that the cyst had gotten too heavy and was potentially twisting my ovary. I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t get to feel that phenomenon.

After my follow up I googled a bunch of things to learn more about ovarian cysts, their causes, symptoms, frequency, size etc. I also decided I would name the big one Mary – as in Bloody Mary. I felt that this was a fitting name since she was full of blood 🙂 it also made it less weird to talk about. If I was chatting with the gals at work and got a big pain I could be like “man Mary is in a mood today!” And we could laugh and it didn’t seem like I was talking about a medical condition. I could also say I was going to get Mary’s picture taken when I went for ultrasounds so that people eavesdropping didn’t start rumours that I was pregnant when they heard the mention if “ultrasound.” Mary stuck around through my follow ups and I estimated that she had been there for probably 6 months.

Then one day at work something happened.  We had these rolling carts that we use for supplies and they are all over the place.  I can be a bit of a klutz I admit, and I don’t always pay attention to where I am going. On this particular day I was carrying a big box and didn’t see the supply cart in front of me and I walked right into it.  There was another cart and wall behind it and so instead of rolling away I got a hard stab to my left side.  It stunned me for a minuted and then me and the girls had a good laugh. Not much later I was standing at a counter and felt a gush. This was a type of gush I has not felt in a long time (I stopped getting a period all together with Mirena). I made my way to the bathroom quickly and with very tight legs and small steps.  At the door I avoided small talk with a friend and pretty much barged in.  I looked and it was a mess.  I was totally unprepared for this. I hollered through the door hoping that’s my friend was still there and had some supplies she could lend me. I ended up having to raid someone’s stash in the communal cupboard, but really I had to. I was quite concerned since I had brand new turquoise pants on and didn’t want them ruined, or my ego.  I waited for a bit to see what was happening but then had to go ask my manager to leave work. When I got home I called the dr and she sent me for another ultrasound.

Well surprise surprise, this time it showed that Mary was shrinking. I told my doctor about the bleeding incident.  She said it could have been burst blood vessel or a puncture. If the cyst had actually ruptured there would have been some intense pain.  After that we stopped talking about Mary and talking her photo.

Fast forward a year. This is where my blog story really starts. I recently started getting pains again which told me that Mary was back from her extended vacation. At first it was more like gas again but then I noticed some bad ones when I was working out. I called the office to ask about an ultrasound but they told me they would rather I came in to talk to my dr first.  While waiting on my appointment I started doing some research regarding connection between hormonal IUDs like Mirena and Jaydess with ovarian cysts. It seemed like quite a few women had both the IUD and the cysts. I honestly couldn’t find much concrete evidence, but found plenty of individual testimony. I came across one article that stated ovarian cysts as a common (greater than 10%) side effect of Jaydess, but not Mirena.  I took all of my reading into consideration started wondering if Mary would move out forever if I removed my IUD. I have friends with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and they have to start taking hormonal forms of  birth control, not stop it. Now I know that this is a different condition, but it still made things even more confusing for me. I really started leaning towards the removal.  I thought that if I started having regular cycles again maybe my body would get back on track and Mary would only visit in small unnoticeable capacity like what “Normal” cysts do.

Now to my conundrum- To Remove or Not to Remove?

The First 48

The First 48 Hours After Mirena Removal

Well here we are onto Day 2! I’m still felling good. Had some bubbly tummy/abdominal pain today that I thought may have been cramps, but I think was actually gas haha. Went back to wearing my regular panties (thong) today for a few reasons – my spotting has pretty much subsided and I have a workout class and really want to avoid VPL in my tights (I know, priorities right???).

Woke up with a bit of a rash on my arms. I have no idea if it’s connected, but thought I would document just in case. I’ve also noticed a decrease in my appetite yesterday and today. It may be a thing, or maybe I just had a few extra hungry days leading up to this and that’s why it’s noticeable. 

After work I hit up the drugstore to check out the Diva Cup situation. Cost is $40 for the cup and $10 for the wash. I’m going to return tomorrow to purchase since there’s a 20x the points event (I’m sure you can guess what store I’m talking about). It would be awesome to not get a huge withdrawal bleed over the weekend, but I really don’t think I’m that lucky! I’ll let you know how that goes!

Officially hit the 48 hour mark at 3:30pm and still no major events. I’m updating this at the 65 hour mark to say still good. I think the 48 hours is just an estimate. Maybe it starts for most women in this time – but hey, I’m not most women 😊

Day 1 – Mirena Free

Woke up this morning with a bit of a headache but a great outlook on things. Started some light spotting overnight so I made sure to pack a variety of supplies for work. I always wear a thong, but today I’m rocking full bum undies and a pad with wings in case the flood hits. It feels strange, but overall ok. I don’t really notice unless I’m thinking about it…. And then it’s like being in school again when you think that everyone can see your pad. Good thing I checked my bum out in the mirror a few times and have confirmed it looks good and you can’t tell. In fact you can’t really even see my panty lines unless you really try 🙂

Headache went away by about 9am without pharmaceutical intervention. Could be I just needed my cup of coffee, or maybe a bit of a rebound from yesterday’s stresses.

Decision Day

I went to my appointment today not fully knowing what was going to happen and what I was going to decide.

As the conversation got going my doctor made it very clear that she was a firm believer that there is no connection between the IUD and the ovarian cysts. The IUD acts solely on the uterus – hence the name (intrauterine device) and does not change anything going on up above in the ovaries. The cysts were more likely just due to how my body and cycles are changing as I age. I thought this was interesting since I hadn’t made that connection (or rather lack of connection) before. I just thought I’m ovulating but not bleeding, so everything is staying inside and these follicles hanging out are turning into cysts. Well that’s wrong. I am ovulating, and evening though I’m not having a “period” where I shed a lining, my body is still expelling the eggs. Next my doc brought up the fact that I have a history of mood disorder and that my “symptoms” could actually all be due to something in my head, and not the little T shaped device in my lady bits.

This was a hard conversation to have since it had me question everything even more. Am I just depressed? Do I just need to find something to blame instead of admitting I should go back to treatment for depression? What do I actually want? With a couple tears in my eyes we had a good discussion about what I would hope to achieve with IUD removal. I know the power of the brain, and she knows that I know. If I didn’t remove the IUD would I always question what if? Would I continue to blame the little T? What if nothing changed? So many questions…..

She was very cautious and made sure to ask if I were to take it out and got pregnant would it be a disaster? The answer was no it wouldn’t be a disaster – I’m married to a good man, we both have good jobs, we own a house and we have a strong relationship (other than the sex drive issue as eluded to earlier). That being said, we haven’t made a final decision as to whether or not we are going to have children. We have given ourselves until the age of 35 to make that decision.  Right now we are enjoying being DINKS (Dual Income No Kids), but we bought a house with enough bedrooms that if we did have kids then we wouldn’t have to move.  She reminded me that if I was going hormone free that condoms are only about 80% effective and gave me a pamphlet of other forms of birth control.

Then she gave me the option to make a decision. Although she thought that I should keep the IUD until its end of life next year, she also said that if I felt that I needed to know what would/wouldn’t change that she would pull my IUD today. Then I would have 3-6 months to see what happens. After that time I should consider restarting another birth control if we aren’t decided on the kids just to be safe. If we have decided then we can make other arrangements. Also if after that time my feeling of wellness hasn’t changed we need to talk about treatment for depression. Then she asked me “What do you want to do? What do you need?”

My answer came surprisingly quick – “I need to do this. Take it out.”

She left to get “her tool” and I took of my bottom half clothing and got all situated in the stirrups. Then the feeling of excitement and positivity I had felt when originally making the decision came back to me. When she returned and got going we joked a bit about her “going fishing” for my strings, having to call the nurse for “the alligator” and other fishing terms came pouring out as we laughed a bit. Before the final pull she asked me one last time if I was sure this was what I wanted? I confirmed and with a deep breath in and cough out it was done.

My doctor made sure I was going to talk to my husband about everything – from the kids, to alternate birth control and make sure he knew that we had pulled the goalie and an open net was just sitting there waiting for the puck. I joked that unless my sex drive returned there wouldn’t even be a game, but was also a bit hopeful that we would need the backup goalie (ie alternate arrangements). My doctor is very honest and she told me that she doesn’t like to push people, but we really do need to make a decision. I’m already 32 and not getting younger. If I decided to start a family at 35 she would put me in a high risk pregnancy category. And she is right. If I wanted to do it I could, but then if I decided to have 2 kids, I’d likely be 40-42 by the time I had the second and I had plans to retire at 55…. The 2 possible realities do not mix, so which way should we go?

Since the start of our relationship my husband and I have been honest with each other regarding family. I have never pictured myself with children and wouldn’t push for them, but I love my husband and if he wanted a family then that’s what we would do. The thing is though, that he is on the fence about it. We enjoy the freedom and lifestyle we have now with us and our cats. I know he would love the teaching kids and playing sports and that sort of thing, but he admitted that he only would want the “fun stuff” and not the other stuff. So then we ask ourselves “would it be ok if we just stay aunties and uncles and don’t have our own children?” That question is now hanging over our heads.

I left the doctor feeling good but a bit apprehensive. She warned me to expect to start to bleed quite heavily within the next 48 hours as my body withdraws from the progesterone. Now I was faced with another new task – buying feminine products. I texted a few friends to see what people are using days. I felt a little strange doing so since you’d think I would know, but sometimes you just need a friend’s advice. I had a pamphlet in hand for a Diva cup as well but didn’t want to drop a bunch of money on something I knew very little about.

When I got home I let it all out to my husband. From the kid talk to the birth control to the depression angle. We didn’t make any decisions right then and there but he knows we have some important thinking and talking to do. Afterwards we went to the grocery store for some snacks and I grabbed the same old things I used to use for my period and hoped it would work out. My husband paid 🙂

To Remove or Not to Remove?

That is the question….

So today I made an appointment with my doctor. I had made the appointment since I have been having some pain that indicates that my hemorrhagic ovarian cyst(s) are once again in play. Since the pain isn’t extreme, and we already likely know it is cyst related and not anything wrong with my IUD, the office didn’t send me for ultrasound this time but just recommended I come in to the office.

In between my initial phone call and my scheduled visit I did a lot of thinking, and reading, and talking with my husband, and more thinking. In this time I made a decision to ask my doctor about removing my IUD. I have had the Mirena for about 4 years now and started having issues with ovarian cysts about a year ago. I have also struggled with mood disorder (anxiety & depression), weight issues and low sex drive for as long as I can remember. There isn’t any direct literature stating that Mirena (and similar) hormone IUDS cause ovarian cysts, but between the people in my circle of friends and the forums on the internet I feel like they could be connected… or else it’s just a very large coincidence. In fact a good friend of mine with a hormonal IUD has been in the hospital for the last 4 days due to an abscessed ovarian cyst. If they aren’t connected, maybe there’s another reason so many women have these little (or big) buggers and the IUD is such a popular form of birth control that it is just a coincidence.

Initially it was my hope that by removing the IUD the cysts may reduce or disappear completely. After reading through some forums and blogs I also got excited that maybe going totally hormone free could help with my other issues as well. I have been on some form of hormonal birth control for the last 15 years and I don’t really know what me and my life would be like without that. I started to get really excited!!!

Unfortunately I could not stop reading things on the internet and then came across something called the “Mirena Crash”. For every forum you read about the benefits of removing your Mirena you can find one for the reasons to keep it. After reading a few of these I started freaking out a bit and questioning my decision. Would I bleed like a stuck pig maybe for weeks on end? Would the lack of hormone give me adult acne? Would I plunge into a depressive state? Omg Omg Omg.

Stay tuned for future posts! If you scroll to the bottom of the page the “NEXT” post in the series will be displayed. There is also a calendar posted highlighting days I have created a new post and should be easy to follow in chronological order if that works better for you 🙂